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Every now and then I get an urge to try making Japanese cuisine. This time it's the Oyakodon - literally the 'parent and child bowl', so named because it features a chicken and egg together.

Well, this isn't really an oyakodon; practically speaking it's just inspired by the concept. I don't know anything about making Japanese dashi, but I do know how to make a chicken stirfry!

On the left, we have teriyaki chicken stirfry (chicken thighs in a soy sauce/honey sauce). On the right, we have caramelized onions and bok choy mixed up with egg. And below, of course, we have brown rice. As you would expect, it is pretty tasty!

Why did I use scrambled eggs instead of, say, a fried egg, or a Japanese-style egg so barely cooked that it appears raw? That's because this is, like most of my dinners, something that I made extra servings of, the extras of which were to be frozen and then reheated and served later. Using any kind of fancy egg technique would just give me, down the way, a hard-boiled egg yolk. If I had been making this for three or four people directly, then yes, frying a real egg or using sous vide to pasteurize an egg would have been even better. If you're thinking of cooking for a friend or family, I'd definitely try that.

Anyway, this came out great, hence I interrupted my trip report to bring you this important mews. ^_^

Now to get back to the trip report...
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