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Every now and then I get an urge to try making Japanese cuisine. This time it's the Oyakodon - literally the 'parent and child bowl', so named because it features a chicken and egg together.

Well, this isn't really an oyakodon; practically speaking it's just inspired by the concept. I don't know anything about making Japanese dashi, but I do know how to make a chicken stirfry!

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Happy Mew-More-Y'all Day!

It being a week before I go on a trip to Italy with [identity profile] dracosphynx.livejournal.com, I regretfully decided against going to one of the cons in the area or friends' BBQs - last thing I want is to be battling sickness while on the plane! So I cooked myself some BBQ-ish food.

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After a friend posted on Twitter about General Tso's chicken burritos and other acts of Chinese-Mexican fusion cuisine, I thought I'd give it a try...

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* Bake bacon in oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes, not 20. 20 gives you almost charcoal.
* Bake Trader Joe's Apple Blooms at 400 degrees for 25 minutes, not 350 degrees at 15. It's still icy in the middle otherwise.
* After boiling ramen noodles, bake them at 400 degrees for 50 minutes, shaped in individual portion discs or squares, for making delicious "pan-fried" noodle stirfries.
* Make microwave popcorn easily: 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels at 2:30 minutes in the microwave in a safe bowl with cover, with 2 teaspoons of ghee or butter-flavored olive oil and a dash of salt mixed in.

Feel free to pop any cooking questions you have but I don't guarantee to know the answers. -_-
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Let me lead off with the one you're probably going to find the most interesting: science has perfected a vegetarian burger that looks and tastes very much like the real thing! This is the Impossible Burger. Unfortunately it's only available at a handful of restaurants, and apparently not yet commercially purchasable.

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Time to catch up on food pictures I've taken on my phone but haven't uploaded immediately for various reasons!

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I've been distracted with Legion, WoW's latest expansion, but I've been catching up with various things-- bills, mail-in ballot voting-- and now it's time to catch up on photos! So here, have some pics of food.

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This is the 'miscellany' part of my catch-up. :) Next up, the Asian Art Museum!

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Not all in the same meal, of course. This is me trying Trader Joe's foods so you don't have to! Also me catching up on photos I haven't blogged yet.

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It's been a while since I've made pancakes or waffles, and an even longer while since I've made savory pancakes, so I felt obligated to give it a try with the box of Trader Joe's multigrain pancake mix I picked up a whlie ago.

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It seems once again I have carefully neglected my phone's growing collection of pictures until I must post them all in a lump sum lest the pile topple over and bury me! This entry concerns a couple of meals that I cooked and apparently felt worth blogging.

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You might recall that about a year ago, I took a donut making class. At the end of the class, I picked up a box of apple spice donut mix because I was fairly sure it would be a flavor I'd enjoy, without being ridiculously sweet.

Well. The other day I glanced at the package sitting all alone in my pantry and noticed the expiration date was a month ago. Oops. o_o

So I figured I'd better get around to using it up. It's fall, a good time for fall flavors, anyway. Fortunately the box instructions weren't too complicated... These are cake donuts after all, not fried donuts, so I didn't have to mess with yeast rising, or breaking out a whole bottle of oil to deep fry anything. This is good for my sanity.

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Gasp, posting a cooking experiment on the same day I made it!

Anyway-- I peered in my refrigerator the other week and noticed that there were expiration dates on the bottles of sauce I had in there.

Uh oh...

One bottle in particular had an expiration date of 2012. Oops.

I moved the expired sauces out to be cleaned out for disposal, and eyed the remaining sauces. Red curry sauce, gyoza sauce, and sweet chili sauce, all from Trader Joe's. Hmm... What could I make that would use these things up?

Then I had an idea.

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Well, it looks like I'm quite a bit behind in posting my pictures so it's time to upload a few entries!

First off the bat, we have my effort at an ersatz cup o' noodles. I don't really know if MSG is bad for you, but I err on the side of safety, and regular cup o' noodles has MSG. So...

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No picture here, since it's essentially the same as the last time! Just my notes on cooking. For some time now I've been thinking it takes me way too long to prepare a meal, so I thought I should peer at that more closely.

Rice: washed ahead of time and set the cooker to have it done by 5:00 PM.
Meat: cut up and started marinading in soy sauce and ground pepper. Sirloin tips. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

4:50 PM: started cutting carrots (1 lb). A later start than I'd planned, but it's not like it hurts the rice to be kept warm a while.
5:05 PM: done cutting carrots, started preheating oven to 400F
5:15 PM: gave up on grating ginger, put the ground-off ginger into the steak and stirred it, then started mincing the remainder
5:24 PM: finished mincing ginger; I lightly grease a baking pan (well, foil) and put the chicken in, then put it in and set the baking timer for 20 mins. Start sautee'ing the ginger.
5:32 PM: notice that asparagus is thinner, change cutting strategy to 1.25" long pieces. That's done. Stirred the ginger a few times, it's nice gold brown now. Meat goes in now!
5:38 PM: everything happening at once, augh. Stirred meat to collect ginger bits, squeezed orange sauce out into carrots (uncovering), flipped meat to make sure it doesn't overcook. Recalled I hadn't added salt to meat, do so now.
5:45 PM: everything still happening at once. Decanted meat into small bowl, drained juice back into wok. Put asparagus into wok, season with garlic, pepper, salt. Stirred sauce into carrots, notice it's very liquid. Added pineapple chunks.
5:48 PM: things starting to calm down. Took chicken out of oven, set it aside as the carrots/sauce/pineapple need to be brought to temperature. Started cleaning and putting away dishes used so far.
5:52 PM: I have added a cornstarch slurry to the carrots/sauce/pineapple and stirred it in. Once it starts to bubble, I can mix the chicken in.
5:58 PM: relax a bit. Oops. How long has the asparagus been cooking? Turn up temperature on sauce, cover it to induce boiling. Mix beef back into asparagus, set temperature low.
6:00 PM: taste-test beef, determine it's about done, don't want to overcook it. Sauce still isn't boiling? Oops, didn't turn it up to 6 as I thought I had. Rectified.
6:05 PM: sauce boiling, yay! Mix in chicken, start stirring. Realize chopsticks aren't doing it. Switch to spoon.
6:08 PM: done!

One pound of beef, a similar amount of fried chicken, and I wound up with 7 meals-- my plate, plus six "prepared meals" for future nomming.
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Every now and then I look in the fridge to see what I have that needs to get used up before it expires. This week it was... peanut butter. Yes. Entire bottle of peanut butter, not even touched, the tamper-proof seal was still in place. Well. I like the occasional peanut butter sandwich but there was no way I was going to make a dent in it before its July expiration date.

Then it came to me, what about using it for cooking? Specifically, Thai peanut chicken satay?

Well. That shouldn't be too hard, right?

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