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Here's to the writers who venture tirelessly on a regular basis into the dreaded Word Mines!

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I've been reading through The Legion of Nothing, a superhero fiction centered on Nick, who is an inventor without superpowers but the uncanny ability to understand and develop technology, and pondering why it is that inventors like Tony Stark seem to have had so little effect on their worlds.

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I read a really impressive original-universe superheroes webfic series earlier this year, Worm. (warning, some triggery- stuff, very dark, epic in length) Wanting more, I eventually found a link from Harry Potter: Methods of Rationality to Cenotaph, a fanfic series that explores a large chunk of the series told by changing just one thing and extrapolating how that might have affected the story as it goes on. And then I noticed it was just one of a number of fanfics by various people all centered on this superheroes thing.

So, I read some more of them. Some I liked, some I didn't. In general, I really appreciate how Worm places so much emphasis on thinking, working out both new and better ways to use powers and when and where to use them for best effect. Worm also does a great job at capturing reader interest through a gradual but always intense escalation of power levels and conflicts. With that as a basis for comparison, cut for length! )


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