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I've been letting my hair grow aimlessly for a while. Some months ago Supercuts did an indifferent job, but they barely cut any hair off, which wasn't very useful. I had a definite idea in my head of what I wanted though...

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I got this the other week. It looks good and has been quite warm, nice for the colder winter days. It has a liner, so I can technically lighten it up for the rare summer rainy days.

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It's been awfully cold these days so I've been wearing a rather unattractive blue parka. I felt the need to go try out some coats... Sadly, West Coast Leather hadn't gotten back to me on the leather blazer that I inquired about, so it was time to try out alternatives!

I stuck my nose into the Nordstrom's. Promptly confronted by a dizzying array of women's products and clothes, I made my way to the top floor where the information desk was hidden, asked where the men's department was, and was told it was back on the first floor... I just hadn't gone past the escalators to see the other half. D'oh!

Mainly, it turns out that outerwear for men is sized large to super-large, so there were very few small jackets that I could try on.

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Picked up new glasses and jacket, the latter thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dracosphynx dragging me down to Santana Row for lunch and then picking up the clothes at Franco Uomo. See what you think!

For those who were keeping track of the glasses options I outlined earlier, I went with the second one because I thought the thin-ness was getting a bit too extreme. I want to see through these things, not squint and tilt my head until the subject of my interest is within a narrow band!

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As part of what has become our weekly or bi-weekly anime outings, I met up with [livejournal.com profile] dracosphynx for lunch at a nearby Irish pub and then we went crawling men's fashion stores for a suitable jacket for me to wear at a fancy dinner, should I actually manage to get a date. This is, I admit, a very large if, but if it happens, I would like to be better prepared than with my boring interview/wedding/funeral suit.

There was also watching the last two discs of Yamato and enjoying a surprisingly tasty for drive-in Hawaiian barbecue 'mini loco moco', but let's get to what you want to see, the incriminating fashion photos!

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I had my annual optometrist appointment this last Thursday. Since it'd been two years since I got my last set, I opted to get new glasses this time. These are the eyeglasses choice of frames I had.

I'm glad my vision care insurance is good... These would have been really expensive without it. As it was, it was moderately ouch but acceptable.

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As I mentioned in my previous entry, I had discovered the boots I had gotten up in San Francisco were in fact too small for me. Nervously I girded myself up to venture back north...

I managed the drive up successfully and navigated BART to Powell Street, and took the boots in to Barney's of NY, which accepted the return with, thankfully, a minimum of fuss. From there, I was reluctant to return immediately-- we're talking about an hour each way-- so I gadded about San Francisco for a bit.

There was a Levi's store so I checked in it for denim jackets or vests. Well, no really nice denim vests of the sort I'd had in mind, but they had a black denim jacket that had a few more pockets than the blue jacket I was wearing, and I'm assured that my complexion means I should prefer warm colors to cool ones like blue, so I picked that up.

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My shirt size is 14"/32-33...
My jean size is 32 waist, 30 legs...
My jacket size is S...
And my shoe size is indeed as I had believed, 9.

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The day began with me traipsing over to [livejournal.com profile] dracosphynx's apartment, wearing as promised, my new outfit. I discovered at this point the boots I had obtained the previous day were far too uncomfortable to wear for any significant amount of time, so retired to my car as soon as I could, to obtain my regular shoes.

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We began in San Francisco. While we had taken BART up to the Cherry Blossom Festival the previous outing, this time with the notion that we might need to stow many, many packages full of clothes. We emerged from the Union Square garage practically into Macy's, where we dithered between the Cheesecake Factory and... The Burger Bar. Glad we picked the latter, the milkshake made a big impression on [livejournal.com profile] dracosphynx!

The burgers were also pretty tasty; we had a 'sliders' assortment, though I couldn't tell you the difference between angus beef, grass-fed beef, and buffalo meat. The toppings were what made the burgers work so well!

Thus fortified, we met Beth in front of the store and walked in to the nearby tea/soda bar where she discussed what we wanted to achieve with our fashion makeover. I showed her my sketches; [livejournal.com profile] dracosphynx explained his predilection for wearing all black.

Our first trip of the day was down the street to a hair salon tucked up on the 16th floor. Very well hidden! Beth explained what she wanted in hair styles for us, and then left to go pick out clothes for us and reserve a dressing room in the Macy's for Men store, while Alex took over.

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As some of you might know, I've been trying to inspire myself to get out there more, and one necessary step in that was to get a haircut so my unkempt hair would become, well, kempt. I didn't have any good looking pictures of myself to use for, for example, dating site profiles!

[livejournal.com profile] dracosphynx, being a "full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes" type of engineer, dug around a bit and found a fashion makeover site in San Francisco. He promptly dragged me into it! (you may picture Fluffyshy clinging to the carpet and leaving clawmarks)

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Well, not the steampunk vest - I got that one a while ago, but I need to find the right occasion to put it on, and I'm concerned about using it for day-to-day stuff. So I got theOrvis 'Zambezi Twill Travel Vest'.

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Though I wear a medium to large shirt size normally, the vests are cut very 'generously' - this is the small vest, and seems to fit well.

The pockets are big enough for my sketchbook - 5x7" or so - and there are a bunch more pockets for things like extra ponytail ties and a small packet of napkins. It'll be lighter weight and cooler than carrying my windbreaker jacket around.

I do vaguely ponder whether I can sew a lynx patch onto the front pocket... I'm not much good with a needle and thread though!


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