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Finding Dory: a Pixar movie currently out in theaters, centered around Dory, the fish with short term memory issues. It was pretty good, really! I thought the titular Dory's mental handicap was handled fairly and with respect. It got pretty gonzo in storytelling toward the end, straining suspension of disbelief a bit, but it managed to hold together and get to a satisfying end. I'd rate it 7/10.

The Beast And His Boy: a Japanese anime that hearkens to old-school Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki in looks, featuring a young boy who, distraught by the abandonment of his father and the death of his mother, runs away and is adopted by (surprise!) a Beast. He's far from being a stereotypical 'hero' who does no wrong-- honestly he starts out as a brat, but then you wouldn't have much of a story if he was the obedient type, since he wouldn't have run away. Pretty solid IMO, 9/10.
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Another in my "it is obviously Tufty's mission in life to make people hungry" set of posts! This time, let's cover a couple of outing when [livejournal.com profile] boingdragon was out in this part of the woods.

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So, I had a second date with someone on eHarmony! No, this post isn't about the date, per se, it's about the animation we saw, Song of the Sea which I hadn't even heard of until this past week.

Briefly, it's an awesome animation that could never have been made in 3D, or if it had, it would have been just as much work if not more than the 2D art. It's full of art and style and evocative music, that really works for bringing out the mysterious, ethereal air of the sea and the supernatural, which seems to hover just a breath away from the real world setting.

From Wikipedia, this seems like a good non-spoiler introduction:

The story... concerns two children, Ben and Saoirse, who live in a lighthouse by the sea with their father, Conor, who remains distraught over the loss of his wife several years earlier. Though Ben is aware of the responsibility that comes with being a big brother, he is easily frustrated with Saoirse, who, at six years old, has yet to utter a single word.

This is never a boring animation, which is in itself a remarkable thing, but everything makes sense rather than having random stuff just pop out of nowhere. Well worthy of its Academy Awards nomination. Tufty says five stars, go check it out!
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[livejournal.com profile] boingdragon was in town and [livejournal.com profile] dracosphynx wanted to drop something off (eyes package warily) so I suggested we head out to a movie today.

We hit up the Century theater on Shoreline. Good news! This time the closed captioning device worked. This puts Century theaters up big over AMC theaters for me now because AMC theaters generally don't have closed captioning, but all the screens have closed captioning (as far as I know) in the Century theaters. This is a device that installs into the cupholder of your seat, with a bendy-neck so you can tilt the display to where you can easily see it, but it won't distract other people near you.

Cut for actual review! No spoilers but some people don't like to read reviews before they see a movie. )
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One smallish chicken pie didn't really fill us up, and we were curious about a bowling alley that we had been told had some seriously good eats. So we traipsed over there...

It was about 3-ish, but they offered us the brunch menu for some odd reason. Thus, if we wanted to try the 'fried chicken fried with bits of fried chicken skin in the batter' we would have to order...

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Yes. Fried chicken with waffles. We were also curious about their burgers, which [livejournal.com profile] chipotle had recommended as especially tasty, and uncertain how much food the fried chicken with waffles would be, so we got both a burger and the fried chicken with waffles, then cut them in half and shared them. It actually worked out very well, IMO.

So what did I think? The fried chicken seemed too heavy on the pepper or tabasco sauce-- just too spicy, though the chicken itself was good and juicy, with a nice crispy batter. The hamburger was also delicious. Neither really seemed life-changing though. Except in the cholesterol-hardening-in-arteries sort of way.

We finished off the day with a nice relaxing movie back at my place, Shaolin Soccer. I had the DVD around, left behind by my parents, but had not gotten around to watching it. Dracosphynx had expressed some interest so, we figured why not?

It was pretty darn hilarious. ^_^ I love the silly over the top style of kung fu movies.
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Okay, I just had to share this.

A Space Odyssey, 2001... Trailer as if it were a 2012 summer blockbuster movie.


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