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I added one new shelf to each of five bookshelves in my front library! See if you can tell...

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My entry hallway has been looking a bit bare. When I saw Minna Sundberg's remarkable prints for sale, I decided that these two pieces would be perfect for it.

So, first I ordered some large prints. Then I had them framed. Ouch! Even with the frame sale, it cost quite a bit, but after seeing the result, it seems a justifiable expense. And finally, I got some round tuits and picked up the necessary picture hanging hardware and worked out where the studs are in the wall, measured, and hung up the pictures.

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So you may remember that I'd posted about separating out duplicate books, and books I was no longer interested in rereading from my collection, some time ago. All told, it amounted to eight completely filled "U-Haul" small boxes of books.

I took them in to Book Buyers a couple weekend ago. It took them a while to process the books.

What did I get for the books?... $132 in store credit, no cash back.

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I dragged [livejournal.com profile] dracosphynx out to meet [livejournal.com profile] collie13 and her housemate for lunch at Cafe Artemis today, in one of my rare excursions into the Big Blue Room.

Things started off simply enough with what appeared to be home-baked bread and some sort of orange-ish herbed butter, then as an appetizer, "Chop Shish", skewers with small but very tasty chunks of beef served with a tart yogurt sauce. I noted, trying to cut a chunk of beef with the butterknife, that these weren't the sharpest knives in the drawer.

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[livejournal.com profile] ellenmillion gave me a great tip on using Photoshop (and GIMP)'s perspective tool, so here's what the rug I'm eying would look like in place...

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Presently there's this big swathe of space between the sofa and the TV. I'm thinking of a rug to fill the space in. What do you think?

Cut for image! )[livejournal.com profile] kagetsume suggests that red and gold carpets, what I would have picked to start with, would make both rooms too red.
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There doesn't seem to be great interest in one, so if you're in the area and want to check the place out, maybe leaf through the books that I'll be tossing, let me know and we can meet up sometimes, and go out to Castro Street to grab a bite or find some coffee- or tea-like beverages.

On the bright side, I can slack!


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