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Quoting from the paper we were given: Amalfi is a charming, peaceful resort town on the scenic Amalfi Coast of Italy. The town lies at the mouth of a deep ravine, surrounded by dramatic cliffs and coastal scenery. Narrow alleyways wind through the town up the slopes between the sea and mountains.

Amalfi was one of the first Italian cities to emerge from the dark ages and by the ninth century was the most important port in southern Italy. It's the oldest of the four great Maritine Republics (including Genoa, Pisa, and Venice) that lasted through the twelfth century. Its maritime code, known as the Tavole Amalfitane, was recognized in the Mediterranean until 1570. ...

Once again assisted by a sleeping pill to gain sweet Morpheus's embrace, I woke more or less ready to face the world at 6:30 AM-ish. Dracosphynx, up as well, clambered up to go see where we were going to make dock.

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Thanks to confusingly European-named sleeping drugs (Zolpidem, known as Ambien in the States) I was able to get another 5 hours of sleep or so. We got up a bit early and greeted the dawn.

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Readers, I managed to get some sleep and I was finally revived! It was a huge weight off my back.

It was, granted, five hours, but I had a medically guaranteed formula for getting to sleep now, and a decongestant that seemed to do a pretty good job of keeping coughing at bay without interfering with aforementioned sedative.

So, refreshed with sleep, I proceeded to refresh myself with breakfast while the ship was en route to Trapani, Sicily.

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I didn't get any sleep that night. x_x

As such, looking at the schedule for June 9th and finding it centered on another Greek theater, and the back streets of a town, and being desperately tired, I opted to stay on the ship instead of going out.

... You will not be surprised to learn that I didn't manage to get any sleep on the ship, either. Boat gently rocking me to sleep, my left hind-paw.

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Cue another night of failing to get sleep as the Le Ponant was tossed by waves! A bleary-eyed Tuftears rolled out of bed early in the morning to refresh himself with food.

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I did not so much wake up as toss and turn all night, despite my determination to get to sleep. Partly travel stress and jetlag and being in a tiny hotel bed, partly my cold and drinking lots of fluids meaning that I also needed to go to the restroom frequently. It wasn't an awesome night.

Since we had taken showers immediately before going to bed, so we could get up and out the door bright and early in time for the breakfast buffet and tour group departure... we had pretty bad bed hair.

I should note here: we were strictly warned not to drink the water in Malta, and that goes for the showers as well. It was rather discomfitting. I was glad my older bro had provided me a large refillable water bottle that allowed me to stay hydrated, especially as I was fighting off a cold.

There are no pictures of this. Just the fact I had to ask for a comb from the hotel staff (and thanksfully they were able to provide one) is sufficient shame for me. x_x

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Per Dracosphynx, we had made reservations for this trip well ahead of time-- early in 2016, I think. So I was not thrilled when my co-workers managed to give me a cold just before the trip. Thanks, you plague rats. :P

Fortunately the symptoms appeared to be treatable with DayQuil and NyQuil, and in hope of shortening the duration of the cold, I packed along some zinc lozenges as well. Thus fortified, I shipped out Monday, meeting Dracosphynx at the airport.

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