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Mewsyngs of an Upstart Feline Miscreant

A foolysh consystency is the hobgoblyn of lyttle mynds.

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Name:Conrad "Lynx" Wong
Birthdate:Jul 18
Location:Mountain View, California, United States of America
I've been an upstart feline miscreant since, oooh, about 1990-- it's a bit of a story, but my friends seem to think that describes me pretty well. These days I'm a software engineer at a major search engine company. I've acquired my own house, of which I am quite proud, and have been experimenting with a variety of recipes.

In my spare time, I'm an artist, a writer, and I have been an editor for an anthropomorphic-themed magazine. I gave that up when the market shifted away from paper 'zines though; trucking 70 pounds of books to conventions was exhausting. I still draw for publications now and then, such as Elizabeth McCoy's stories.

Tufty ears, you ask? Oh, that's my 'persona'-- a North American lynx. Thick golden fur, tufty ears, short black-tipped tail, likes to purr on laps.
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